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Sunday, February 12, 2006


So, I had a really bad varicose vein removed from my right leg. I'm hoping to improve my quality of life by being able to fly, drive for more than an hour and walk around for more than 20 minutes without pain or fear of a blood clot. Unfortunately my leg really hurts right now! I wound up getting 7 small cuts (21 stitches) so the surgeon could tie off the top of the vein, remove the worst parts and leave enough behind to use in the event of a heart by-pass. God forbid! He told me when he had his heart by-pass, the legs were to most painful part! Thank God he told me that after the sugery was over! The stitches came out Thursday and now the real healing begins. So far so good, I just feel bruised and when my 2 year forgets about Mommy's sore leg, really hurt!
The good things is that the recovery allowed me to really get going on my knitting and since I am a slow knitter, that really made all the difference. I'm nearly done the body of the backpack I was knitting (Lily's Sugar 'n' Cream Backpack from Knitting Pattern and I finished a small wallet from Sister Sister, again found on Knitting Pattern I changed the pattern a little though. I cast on 28 stitches instead of 25 and once I was happy with how it looked when it was folded (garter stitch), I started to decrease by knitting the first and last 2 together then cast off when I had 12 stitches left. I also did 2 yarn overs so I could have 2 button holes and added a small chain on one corner to loop over a wrist. One little tip though, when going into the hospital and having an I.V. put in, get those 7" plastic starter needles (mine are from Red Heart) if you want to use straight needles, they're easier to use when one hand is nearly immobilized. Of course you'll only be able to do small projects (I did the wallet in three hours but I had to rest a lot and found I had to hold the needles differently plus, I'm normally slow). I've found some really funky small projects on like the guitar strap I'm going to make for my husband and daughter once she's old enough to handle her own guitar.
Back to work Monday! No more husband to look after everything. He's been awesome! If I had to get knocked down for any length of time again, no more worrying about how he's going to handle everything. He's the best! I'm in love all over again!


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