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Sunday, November 05, 2006

My pal got her scarves!

My ISE 3 pal got her scarves and now I can share them with you. My pal was Mandy and I'm so glad she likes her parcel.

Now I can show them to you and give you the patterns. First, the original scarf. In Amazon DK weight mercerized cotton.

The stitch pattern. A very basic one you've seen before. It worked really well with the varigated yarn. I highly recommend it if you want to have something lacey, but you are afraid your varigated yarn will overpower anything delicate.

Here it is.

3 balls - DK weight yarn - 302m / 330yds (Scarf shown in Amazon DK 100% cotton)
4.5 mm / US 7 knitting needles

Finished Dimensions:

Length - 168.9cm / 66.5”
Width - 11.4cm / 4.5” or 12.7cm / 5”


Cast on 34 Sts

All rows: Sl, P1, *K1, YO, K2tog, P1* repeat * to * to end of row.

Repeat this row to desired length. Leave a tail approximately 3 x the width of the scarf.

Cast off using the invisible cast off method. (Thread remaining yarn onto tapestry needle. Pull through first two stitches as if to purl. Bring back around and pull through first stitch as if to knit. Drop first stitch only off needle. Repeat to last stitch. Pull yarn through last stitch as if to knit, drop off needle.)

Weave in ends.


This is a very easy pattern to memorize. You can widen or narrow it by adding a multiple 4 sts to your cast on row. Adding or subtracting length is also easy since this is a one row repeat.

Remember my Mystery Knit?

Here it is! This is the warmest scarf I have ever had around my neck. Since Mandy lives in a relatively cold winter climate, I didn't think the cotton lace scarf would be quite enough so I made this one too.


2 balls Naturally Tussock (115m /125yds - ball) Main colour
1 ball Naturally Naturelle (170m /186yds - ball) Contrast colour
10 mm (US 15) knitting needles
Tapestry needle
Crochet hook


Hold yarns together throughout entire pattern.
Cast on 16 sts.
*K1, P1* across.
Repeat *to* every row.
Cast off. Using the ribbing cast off. (*K2tog, slip stitch on left needle back to right needle, P2tog, slip stitch on left needle back to right needle.* Repeat *to* to last stitch pull yarn through and break off) As you can see, I did not use this cast off and that is the only thing I am unhappy about with this scarf. So don't be a Dorothy. Learn many cast offs so you can avoid wonky ends.
Weave in ends.
Add fringe on each end.

To make fringe: Cut 30.5cm/12” lengths of both yarns. You’ll need 16 lengths of the contrast colour and 32 lengths of the main colour, but cut a few extra because you never know. Put two lengths of both yarns together. Push the crochet hook through the top of one the rows drape the centre of the yarn lengths over the hook and pull yarns through end of scarf until there is a loop. Wrap all four ends of yarn around crochet hook and draw all the way through the loop you just created. Remove hook and pull ends until secured. Repeat at top of each visible row. Between each row make fringe with just one length of main colour. Repeat on other end of scarf.

Finished Dimensions:

Width - 10cm/4”
Length - (without fringe) 188cm/74” (with fringe) 208cm/82”
Thickness - 1cm (3/8”)


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