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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Because I'm logical like that.

It's trucking along. I'm thinking if it keeps going this well, knock on wood, that I'll do the picture again and have a mirror image on the other side. I'm not planning on making the handles very long so they shouldn't take much time. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that the kids have wicked long naps tomorrow.

Of course, since it is crunch time, I did what any logical person with excellent time management skills would do. I started stringing beads on the laceweight Malabrigo Suzanne sent. I have a dream. I'm not really sure what stitch pattern it is, but it is a lacey beaded scarf.

I lost some knitting time to a scheduled 5 hour emergency power outage this afternoon. We went to Dryden (an hour's drive) for a day out and a warm place to hang. The Mr. has to work tonight, so he stayed home and slept while Girly and I went. On the way there (about 8 to 10 km out of town), we saw a hydro pole hanging off the power line running into town. The line hadn't broken, but it was pretty stretched so I figured that was the emergency fix. Nope, on the way home, it was still hanging. Great, that means either it breaks the line completely and we have a long unscheduled power out, or they'll leave it until next weekend and we'll have to have another scheduled power out. I think I'll have to phone tomorrow and find out.

Edited to Add: Apparently it is a telephone pole not a hydro pole. I tried to phone Bell to see what they are going to do about it, but their automated system says that they are getting "a record number of calls and your wait to speak to an operator may be very long. It may be better to call back next week." Seriously. That is as word for word as I can remember.

Since I have so much knitting to get done and lining to sew up, I think I will be trying to catch up with all of you later on in the week. Tuesday is Halloween and there isn't much time. Although I may write a quick post Tuesday, if I need a break or the hands start seizing up. Happy Halloween if I don't write you before!


  • The coach is darling, Dorothy, what a lucky Cinderella you have! And that lace-weight - lovely! :0)

    By Blogger Charity, at 11:19 AM, October 30, 2006  

  • Very nice!

    My little princess would love to have something like that, too bad her mean old mommy never makes anything for her (except a scarf, and a blankie, and a bunch of washrags to use as lovies, and and and).


    By Anonymous Secret Pal, at 1:22 PM, October 30, 2006  

  • Awww, I can't wait to see your beaded scarf, I know it's going to be beautiful and unique!

    By Anonymous Dipsy D., at 12:37 AM, October 31, 2006  

  • so what is your favourite halloween candy? did you sort by groups, stack and trade?

    By Anonymous IHateToast, at 1:28 PM, October 31, 2006  

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