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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I keep on falling ...

... flat on my behind. Winter has come again.

This poor tree is getting buried.

There's another 5cm/2" on the way although if it keeps snowing like it is, I can see getting more than that.

This is what happens when you try to rush through a chart backward and upside down. I still like it so it stays just like this. One thing I did learn other than give yourself more time to knit stuff (like that one really sunk in) is that you can just rip down to where you forgot to add in a colour and add it in. It leave a bunch of nasty loops on the back of your work, but if it's being lined anyway, big deal. I'll just tack them in tight and cover them up.

A sale at Petland?! Just let me grab my bag and I'm there!


  • Ooooh, are you going to be able to go trick-or-treating in all that? Did you size Girly's costume to go over her snowsuit?

    My girly is upset because it turned cold today and her costume (Tinkerbell) is NOT sized to go over a parka. The boy's costume is a little more practical for wearing under-layers (Annikin Skywalker) but I think he's going to need a coat too.

    By Anonymous Secret Pal, at 9:05 AM, October 31, 2006  

  • The bag is adorable. I hope you will post pictures of her in her costume with her fancy knitted treat bag!

    When I was little, we lived in Wisconsin and there were a couple of snowy trick-or-treat outtings. That is certainly an adventure.

    By Blogger Kristy, at 9:40 AM, October 31, 2006  

  • I'm so glad it isn't snowing here. But I am knitting mitten to prepare for that day. The bag is really nice! Happy Halloween!!

    By Blogger Rhonda, at 10:11 AM, October 31, 2006  

  • I so love the girly's cinderella bag. You must post pics tomorrow of her all dressed up! Happy Halloween :)

    By Blogger jen, at 11:04 AM, October 31, 2006  

  • How will trick-or-treating work with all that snow? Hopefully she will still get to go!

    By Blogger jen, at 11:21 AM, October 31, 2006  

  • Wow, what a snow! I love seeing it! :)

    By Blogger Lolly, at 11:22 AM, October 31, 2006  

  • It's bitterly cold, here, and I'm thinking that we might skip trick or treating door to door, and just go to an event instead. Well, we'll likely do the neighbors, but you know what I mean. :0) Have fun and stay safe!

    By Blogger Charity, at 11:30 AM, October 31, 2006  

  • Bee-U-T-ful snow. We're warm here today (64 degrees) but overcast and windy.

    Cutie-pie cat in your picture, by the way.


    By Blogger firefly, at 12:26 PM, October 31, 2006  

  • I fail to see a problem with the bag -- I think it looks great!! We haven't had snow down here yet, but it's a'coming! Hmmmm... Must knit mittens...

    By Blogger Sus, at 1:11 PM, October 31, 2006  

  • Wow! It was FREEZING here today compared to the weather lately, but I have to admit we have yet to reach actual freezing temperatures this season. I think it was actually in the 50's today. They said on the news tonight that it's only snowed on Halloween here in Oklahoma City twice, in 1921 and 1991. I can't wait to see pictures of your Halloween fun!

    By Blogger Laura, at 2:05 AM, November 01, 2006  

  • I likewise fail to see the problem with the Cinderella bag. It looks great. Since you will seam it, anyone obsessed with the difference will have to flip it over again and again to see the difference. Viva la difference!

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 3:29 AM, November 01, 2006  

  • Oh. My. Gosh! We're about to get snow today as well - but hopefully not half as much as you got! And hey, I definitely don't see a problem with your bag, it looks beautiful!

    By Anonymous Dipsy D., at 4:02 AM, November 01, 2006  

  • Ok, I see it now. I had to stare at the photo for a looong time but I finally saw it. No one else will ever notice it and it will be (or actually, already was) a great bag. Did you have T or Ting in the lovely snow? It was a lovely warmish evening here for us.

    By Blogger Martina, at 6:31 AM, November 01, 2006  

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