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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Just found the Knitting Olympics conceptualized and set up by the Yarn Harlot (see her site by the same name) this afternoon. Sounds like great fun! Wish I had known about it before, I'm working on my niece's backpack and so far it's been a challenge just to find the time and energy to get it done! I hope it happens again for the Summer Olympics and again when the Olympics arrive in Vancouver! Maybe then I'll be able to join in and curse, cry, sweat and hope for gold (or to finish on time along with everyone else).
We're hoping that we can manage to get out Vancouver way for the next Winter Olympics. We figure if we start saving and planning now, we might make it! We'll probably have to make hotel reservations a year or two in advance, but we'll get there. Good thing it's not a horribly long drive. It feels even shorter if you go through the prairies at night! Sorry all, but, it's a long time to see not much. Of course it might be interesting to see the set for Corner Gas in "Dog River"

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