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Monday, February 27, 2006

Projects and Pets

Well, I'm finally over my snit about the backpack. I put the bag down and started working on the pocket and straps. I will never knit this pattern again and the next time I see the estimated time to make and skill level I will keep in mind that those people had nothing else to do, no distractions and lots of experience (plus they're not screwing around with the pattern).
I swear if it isn't a knitting project it's a dog driving me nutty! He's shedding a grocery bag of fur a day and barking like mad lately. I think someone new has moved into the neighbourhood. Then there's the cat. His feline herpes is acting up and his poor eye is so leaky he can't stand himself.
On to better things though, I found my next project and my first DIY pattern.
So expect more bad language and hopefully some triumphs to come.
Funny story.
My dog absolutely loves balloons! We had some helium filled balloons the other day and we tied one to his collar. He jumped around like mad trying to get it and when he finally did, he popped it, jumped back and then kept looking around to see where it had gone. We laughed and laughed. Then we blew up some more and let him go nuts. Such fun. Today I had a few blown up for my daughter to play with and I caught the dog with one very carefully held in his mouth sneaking off to play with it! I nearly peed laughing!
They all drive you nuts one minute and make you pee your pants the next!


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