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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Canada is amazing!! I am so freaking happy right now! Not only did we break the record for number of gold medals, but we smashed it for the Host country! If I was still a drinking woman, I'd be sloppy right now.

I even managed to finish my hat! I am so happy I am mental for exclamation points!!

Curling inspired. Some of the design is lost due to the crown shaping though.

There are a few "design elements" I didn't have the heart to pull back and fix or make better. Like the mini hacks making the U look weird. Who knows, I may yet unpick it and rework it into a sweater. The design is too big for a nice rounded crown and it's large enough around to be a sweater for Boyo.

Must go now. I have a child to drive home and another to put to bed.


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