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Monday, November 16, 2009

Forgive me, Reader

It has been 35 days since my last post and I have been cheating on my knitting. I haven't meant to, it just happened! I would like to say that I am sorry and it won't happen again, but I'm not sorry and chances are, this just may be another addiction problem fixation hobby and will happen all the frickin' time often every now and then.

A friend has a Rag Blanket for her son that I loved so much, I wanted one for Boyo. I bought the fabric, thread and some cutting supplies (I already owned the sewing machine I just hadn't used it since I made Girly her Daphne costume last year.). Everything is ready to go, but I am waiting on a feeder foot so my seams won't pucker when I am sewing it all together.

Halloween drew near and I decided to make a Trick or Treat bag for Girly this year since we bought her costume. I really should learn to use a pattern. It would make for neater finishing and easier sewing!

Boyo needed a costume too so I bought even more fabric and made him a Tam O'Shanter. I had almost finished the stuffed bagpipes, but almost is a far cry from done and it is still not done. Apparently if you are going to start a new hobby, you also need a new stack of UFO's.

The kilt is a Feileadh Mor and isn't sewn, but I did make the wee Sporran. I used a length of black elastic for the belt. Leather isn't so much practical on a baby nor does it do well in and out of a car seat on a waist that is larger than the hips.

Now ordinarily nothing is worn under the kilt, but seeing as it was -3*C and snowing we figured pants were the thing. Also, puddles in the car are not on our "Fun Things to Worry About" list.

Then I decided that Boyo's Rag Blanket would make a good Christmas gift for him and Girly would love one too. So I bought more fabric and cut the squares (still waiting on the foot)

But just to prove that I still love my knitting, here is Boyo wearing a sweater I finally managed to finish. Again, I really must learn to read the pattern. The sleeves are a scootch short. Not enough to worry about though.

Maybe someday I will have another update and it might even have more than one picture of knitting!


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