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Friday, April 24, 2009

Seven Days

One week old and already it seems he's always been here. He has nearly gotten back up to his birth weight and is doing quite well. I am finally over the birth euphoria and into tired. So today the Mr. took the MIL and Girly to the neighbouring town so Boyo and I could have a day of quiet and rest. It has been just what we needed. I feel so much more peaceful today. I think he does too.

There has been no knitting as I don't have any concentration yet, but we did receive a beautiful crocheted blanket from our potluck Wednesday group. Such beautiful people! Yep, he's sleeping in a laundry basket. I lined it with some blankets and now I have a portable crib that's just right for a tired baby. When it's on the gliding stool that goes with the gliding chair, it's a rocking crib. It worked for his sister too.

The Public Health Nurse dropped by and Girly helped her run Boyo's hearing test. While she was fascinated with the test, she was a little disappointed that the ear pieces weren't big enough to let her try it out. Girly's been holding up really well considering how much time I don't have to spend with her anymore, but she misses her Momma. I miss her too. Soon we'll have settled into a routine and there will be a bit more time. Poor sweet. I'm so glad that she is old enough for me to try to explain that I still love her just as much no matter what. I have a great admiration for those mothers whose children are much closer in age I can't imagine how hard it must be to try to balance siblings who are too young for hot chocolate and a conversation on a little outing with just us girls.

Thank you to all for your well wishes and congrats! Maybe someday there will be knitting content again. I do have a project on the needles I'd like to finish up before the Boyo gets too big.


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