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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I told the Mr. yesterday that I wanted to try to raise $2000.00 for the Relay for Life. He laughed and said "Good luck with that!". Well! I never!

So time to up the ante. Damn it, I want to prove that he should never underestimate the knitters or the wife.

2 More Prizes.

1. Fleece Artist sock yarn. Beautiful, soft and richly coloured. I tried knitting something other than socks with this, but it didn't want to co-operate so I reskeined it and gently washed it (it is still an entire skein). The ballband is now back on it and on the inside is a basic sock pattern.

A better look at the colours. I hate to give this yarn up, but I can't justify keeping it if it can help me raise money to prevent cancer and support those who already have it.

2. A Season's Tale - By Kim Hargreaves "Thirty five knitting designs from Rowan for men, women and children." The link will take you to a page where you can see the designs inside. I don't want to give this book up either, but again, people are fighting for their lives so if it will help bring in some research funds, it can go to a home where it will be loved and someone will knit stuff from it.

I don't own all that much high end yarn or very many books so until I can get some more stuff to give away, I hope this will entice you to donate. You can click on the Paypal button in my sidebar to donate that way (I am writing these on my pledge envelope so they will get a receipt), or I will send you an email invitation to pledge directly on my brand spanking new Relay for Life pledge page. I am a discreet person and the Canadian Cancer Society will not use your information for anything other than a tax receipt. They will not sell it for others to use either.

Remember, every ten dollars donated gets you put in the pot one time so the more you donate, the more chances you have to win. You can also win more than one prize too.

I am still Ballbanding, but we are spending more time outside and the children seem to be going through a transition stage where they are either deliriously happy together or fighting over everything and anything. It's been a bit rough.

My daffodils are nearly ready to open. Maybe by the end of the day, maybe tomorrow.

A dandelion! I love dandelions. So bright, happy and cheerful. The leaves are also very tasty in salads and can be substituted for spinach or swiss chard in recipes.

The fire situation is still pretty bad, but there is a total fire ban on now, so hopefully that will keep some of the twits from deciding to burn their grass and leaves or having a giant bonfire in their backyards.


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