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Monday, July 30, 2007

Warm and snuggly.

The buttons got sewn on my project. Such pretty ones too and although two of them would work better on the inside, they were too pretty to hide. What is it, you ask? Why it's a ...

Teapot Cozy!

It's very easy to knit, but there is a lot of finishing work. A crocheted border to make it look neater along the sides and give you a thicker line to sew the buttons on and of course six buttons.

I think it looks pretty though and very worth all the finishing work. It can also be used as a cozy for other small things. The button here lets you use the handle and keeps the side of the pot covered at the same time.

I left it open here for those teapots that like to dribble a little. That way you can tuck a napkin or little cotton cloth inside to catch those dribbles.

The top flap opens to let you refresh your tea without having to take the whole thing off.

Teapot Cozy


2 - 50g skeins of sock yarn in Main colour [I used Regia (you won't use all of them, but I think I used more than half a ball of each of mine so one ball divided may not be enough)]
1 - 50g skein of sock yarn in Contrast colour (I used Paton's Kroy) divided in half
1 - pair of 4.5mm (US 7) knitting needles
1 - 4mm (US G-6) crochet hook
6 - buttons (if you only have four pretty ones, use two plain ones on the inside)
Tapestry needle
Sewing needle
Thread to match contrast colour

Pattern Notes:
1 - You will be holding two strands of yarn together at all times. You may substitute a single strand of a light worsted weight yarn if you prefer. If using a light worsted, you will probably need about 200 - 230yds of the Main colour and about 100 - 150 yds of the contrast colour. But I would make sure I had a bit more of each since my estimating abilities are sometimes quite wrong.
2 - Don't forget to carry your yarns up one side.
3 - If you wish to make the crochet edging easier, slip the first stitch of every row and work the last stitch as indicated in the pattern.


Cast on 51 sts with CC

Row 1: (CC) Knit 1 row
Row 2: (CC) Purl 1 row
Row 3: (MC) K1, *S1, K5* Repeat *to* to last 2 sts, S1, K1
Row 4: (MC) K1, *S1, K5* Repeat *to* to last 2 sts, S1, K1
Row 5: (MC) P1, *S1, P5* Repeat *to* to last 2 sts, S1, P1
Row 6: (MC) K1, *S1, K5* Repeat *to* to last 2 sts, S1, K1
Row 7: (MC) P1, *S1, P5* Repeat *to* to last 2 sts, S1, P1
Row 8: (MC) K1, *S1, K5* Repeat *to* to last 2 sts, S1, K1
Row 9: (CC) Knit 1 row
Row 10:(CC) Purl 1 row
Row 11:(MC) K4, *S1, K5* Repeat *to* to last 5 sts, S1, K4
Row 12:(MC) K4, *S1, K5* Repeat *to* to last 5 sts, S1, K4
Row 13:(MC) P4, *S1, P5* Repeat *to* to last 5 sts, S1, P4
Row 14:(MC) K4, *S1, K5* Repeat *to* to last 5 sts, S1, K4
Row 15:(MC) P4, *S1, P5* Repeat *to* to last 5 sts, S1, P4
Row 16:(MC) K4, *S1, K5* Repeat *to* to last 5 sts, S1, K4

Repeat Rows 1 - 16, 5 times more.

With CC colour, K1 row, on the purl row, cast off 12 (knitwise), P26, cast off remaining 12 sts (knitwise).

Cut both yarns and rejoin MC, continue pattern beginning with row 3. Complete that repeat and do one more.

Cast off.


Using CC yarn, single crochet edging around making sure to make little chain loops large enough for your buttons at centre of top, all four corners and on the contrast row just after the third main colour rows. When making button loops, chain five (or enough to go around your button) then resume crocheting around sides at next stitch without missing one. Hopefully that makes sense. This site has a lot of tutorials on crochet for those who need help with the single crochet and chaining.

Sew on buttons at the bottom corners of the flap, just after the first slipped stitch and just before the last slipped stitch on the bottom, at the third MC row from the top of the body and in the centre of the first row of CC after the MC at the bottom of the body. If that is confusing, refer to the photo at the top to help clear things up.

If you are using two plain buttons for the inside rather than having all six on the outside, put the plain ones at the slipped stitches at the bottom on the wrong side of the cozy.

As ever, if you have issues with this pattern, drop me a line (email in my profile) and I'll try to answer your questions.

Now go forth and enjoy a nice hot cuppa.


  • What a good idea! I like it very much. I've never had a tea cozy (I rarely make tea in a pot), but I always think they're so very cute! I think you could probably come up with an army of ballband patterned items for the home. Whatever will be next?? I can't wait to see!

    By Blogger Sus, at 11:10 AM, July 30, 2007  

  • could have used that on my toes last night. and i mean the pot, too!

    By Blogger IHateToast, at 7:43 PM, July 30, 2007  

  • The versatility of the Ballband continues!
    I love the colours you chose. You are going to love having a hot cup of tea, half an hour after you made the pot.

    By Blogger Miss Scarlett, at 5:36 AM, July 31, 2007  

  • I love tea, tea pots and knitting ballbands! what a great job you did! thanks for posting your pattern!

    By Blogger THE KNITORIOUS MRS. B, at 1:03 PM, August 30, 2007  

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