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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It must be a summer thing.

I've noticed around blogland that people's knitting mojo seems to be waxing and waning and it seems mine is no different. I like the colours, I don't like how it's coming out. I just finished ripping the whole thing as my photos were uploading. I'm going to rearrange the beads on the yarn so they alternate in the pattern a little better, widen the beading chart, then I'm going to rib most of it again. Although it isn't as easy to get on the cup, it works better and gives your hand a little more insulation from the heat.

We had friends come through the neighbouring town so we took off for the day to visit and had a great time. Someone stuffed her face with deep fried calamari and was very sad when we had to go home. It seems she really took to them and they to her. It also helped that they had a beautiful chocolate lab who thought she was the bees knees.


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