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Friday, July 13, 2007


I had been hoping to have today off. I didn't have any children scheduled to come this morning and was planning on getting up and taking off for the day. Girly wanted to go to the sheep farm again and I wanted to check out their yarn shop with a little more time than I had last time. Sigh. It was not to be today. My sister got called in and I am looking after her kids. Tomorrow we go to the farm, today I sook a little bit. Brilliant plan.

Yesterday on a forum, I heard tell of people using cookie sheets and magnets to help them read their lace charts more easily. I had a stroke of brilliance and got mine set up too. Much easier for sure!

Hope your day is better than mine or at least with a bit less sooking going on.

ETA: Just me retouching the chart photo. I didn't double check to see how clearly it was coming through and since it's a copyrighted photo, I should have made sure it wasn't clear enough to knit from. I apologize to Melanie and to all of you.


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