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Monday, July 02, 2007

A day off.

Since Canada Day was on a Sunday, the majority of Canadians have today off in lieu. I very much enjoyed our sleep in today after our late night. The rain held off and the fireworks went ahead as planned. I very much enjoyed them but Girly though, Girly did not. She thought they were pretty for the first few bangs then she had had enough. They were too loud and she wanted to go home. So she sat in my arms with one ear pressed against me and my hand pressed against them other with her hand over her eyes. "My ears hurt Mama. Keep them covered." Poor sweet baby. She had a great deal of fun playing with glow sticks and her cousins on the beach before everything started though so the entire event wasn't a total bust for her.

I took a bit of video of our grand finale. It isn't the best video of it, but imagine a waterfall of white sparks falling in the beginning. They do this every year. Sometimes it's white sparks falling and sometimes coloured. Yes, I do say they need to cut the trees back. I wanted to really see them as I remembered them when I was a child. If only there was a way they could set it up so it hangs out over the lake and the full effect is easier to see. It would save the trees underneath from getting burned every year too. It's a bit far out though and would be insanely expensive to try to build something and way to dangerous to properly manage.

Take a moment to have a bit of pity on the service industry and aviation industry workers today and every holiday though. There is no such thing as a long weekend for them. Thankless jobs (although pilots get a good bit of glory) with long hours and for the majority of people in the service industry, low pay.

You may notice a bit of a change in my sidebar. The Wrapped in Cables scarf is ready to go. It is priced at $3.50CAD and will be emailed to you in a Word Document. I will be off-line a good bit today though so you may not get a reply or the pattern from me until tomorrow. If you can't see it, you may need to go to the main page (Click on my blog title) until I figure out how to get it to show up on all my pages.

Thank you to anyone who purchases it and enables me to buy yarn, knitting books and supplies.


  • I can very well understand Girlie not enjoying the fireworks - like her, I love to look at them for a while, but then it just gets too loud for me and too hectic and and and... But your video is absolutely awesome, what a joy to look at - and how great it is to be able to turn the volume down while watching it ;) Thanks for sharing!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 12:13 AM, July 05, 2007  

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