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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

The only country in the world to gain their independence by asking nicely.

Proud to say that I Am Canadian!!

We have been at the festivities already and will be going back for the fish fry tonight. Walleye, also know as pickerel. Vats of deep fried pickerel. Artery clogging goodness. I can't wait. Girly is having a nap now so she can stay awake until dark for the fireworks. Cross your fingers/say a prayer/send no rain vibes would you? It's spitting a bit now and I'm hoping it won't really start raining on all the fun.


  • Happy Canada Day to you! I didn't know that y'all just asked nicely. Down here in Mezzo America did NOT ask nicely. I hope the rain holds off for you.

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 5:17 PM, July 01, 2007  

  • Whoops! Mezzo America is already taken, as it means the same thing as "Middle America" - Mexico to Nicaragua. I guess it's back to the States (and Statesian) for now.

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 5:24 PM, July 01, 2007  

  • It's freezing here in SW Ontario, hope you're not too cold, we're going to the fire works with coats & blankets. Happy Canada Day!

    By Blogger elan, at 7:15 PM, July 01, 2007  

  • can i have girly work on my car? my car is a train. her handyprints would be nicer than standard graffiti. and nicer than nothing.

    By Anonymous IHateToast, at 9:53 PM, July 01, 2007  

  • Happy Canada Day - hope the rain held off.

    By Blogger Sarah, at 1:57 AM, July 02, 2007  

  • Happy Canada Day from the East Coast. Great point about asking nicely - its funny because its true!

    By Blogger Crafty Canadian, at 6:10 AM, July 02, 2007  

  • Hi Dorothy - I'm your swap partner for the yarn in a teacup. I think you just left me a message on my blog but it wouldn't let me connect to you that way so I used the blog-link Zoe had given me. I hope I can choose you something nice - please feel free to advise me as I am more of a stitcher than a knitter! We are about the same age (although you are 2 years younger than me - lucky thing!). Hopefully talk to you soon. Lucy

    By Blogger Lucy Locket, at 11:09 AM, July 02, 2007  

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