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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stitchin' fur reel!

I made this a while ago because I was tired of going through half a bottle of Swiffer solution every time I washed the floor. See all those ends? That's why it hasn't been in use yet. I made it as a tie on instead of a button on, since I figured I could also use it on the sweeper that way. Now, I am down to my last quarter of a bottle of Swiffer solution and I'm thinking I can't be squawking about all the chemicals and crap being pumped into the earth, air and water if I am part of the problem, so... time to weave in ends and start using it. The good thing is that it can be used in a bucket of hot water as a cloth too. After all, the Swiffer sucks at getting into corners and up against the wall.

Any guesses how many times I had to rip and restart the lace portion of this? There are times where knitting the way I do really puts a crimp in trying new things. I had to rip it twice due to decrease stitches leaning the wrong way, then I had to rip another two times due to yo's not looking right. Then once more because I managed to make a mess of the first row of lace which makes all the rest wrong, even if they were done right. Five times. Good thing I am frickin' stubborn. Ain't no warshrag gonna kick my behind!


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