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Friday, June 15, 2007

Long Weekend, for me anyway.

I have an unexpected day off and I am planning on getting all the running around and shopping done so I can spend some time just hanging out at the yarn store on Saturday. It's been way too long since I've been able to just sit out there and knit.

If you are wanting the play Dish Rag Tag (Canadians too!) you have to go sign up! They have updated the sign up sheets so now Canadians can sign up too. Go to Yarn Miracle and pen your name to play. Whoops, I just went there and got an error page on the Team Canada sign up. Keep trying throughout the day and hopefully they will have it fixed by tomorrow. They both work full-time so patience please.

Still can't show the bit of knitting I managed to get done, but it goes in the mail and should get to it's destination by the end of the month (It's my ISE4 scarf. I am one of the slowpokes) so I can show you then, in the meantime for today,

Bee Love.

The daisy is finally starting to show her petals.

If only this kind of softness could be spun into something useful and not linty.

Though it's petals were knocked off by the rain, Their imprint remains.


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