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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Much talk of knitting, no real knitting.

I have been knitting, just not on anything I can show you and two rows of a ballband dishcloth do not make for a scintillating photograph. The knitting I am doing though, I wish I could show you. It's beautiful and I am very proud of how well it's coming out. I am writing up the pattern and trying to do up a chart for it too so hopefully once I can show you, I can put up the pattern. It's not a shawl or a laceweight anything. Someday, just not today.

There is something I am very excited about though. Dish Rag Tag!
Go read about it then, if you are a Canadian who loves to knit dishcloths and doesn't mind paying exorbitant amounts of perfectly good money for Xpress Post shipping (from my isolated address to Victoria, BC - $14.00, to Victoria, NF - $19.00 for three day service it would be less for those of you in larger centres), let me know! I and the game's organizer are talking about putting in a Team Canada if we can get 10 people here in Canada.

These are very stubborn daisies. They just do not want to open.


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