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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Total absence of the knit.

It was a perfect kind of day. Not too hot, not too cool with a good wind to blow the bugs away. The sun was shining some of the time. Rain clouds kept blowing past us so we never really got much more than a spit before the sun came back out. My yard is a bit wet to play in right now so we went down to the walking trail after the kids went home (one car seat and three children = no go nowhere) to walk for a bit and play for a while.

Girly says the bridge is not over the creek, it's floating.

This to me is the epitome of the '70's. Flowered shirt, plaid sundress and sandals. We were having a photo shoot. Mommy, I'm going to run, you take my picture.

I'll run this way, you take another one.

Now I'm going to run that way, you take another one.


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