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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Everything all at once.

First, we find a pipe spraying water inside the walls. Fine, rip the wall off, fix the pipe. Second, we find out that it's been doing that for awhile and we have to replace the vinyl flooring in the hall, kitchen and bathroom as well as a four by three foot section of subfloor by the wall where the pipe was. The wall behind the toilet has to come off and get replaced too. Also fine, we can manage. Most of the work will be covered by our insurance.
Second, I have to have surgery to fix a vein in my leg. Fine, we'll manage. He takes time off work and switches a few shifts with a co-worker. He has to make all this time up and after working for all but 4 days of this month, he has one more shift to go before he's finally done and made up.
Third, the porch springs many leaks while the ice and snow are melting. We have to take off all the lovely tongue and groove boards, insulation and new roof we just redid last year. That'll learn us how to put up vapour barrier!
Now, we learn that the drywall they used when they made this "modular" home in the 80's was covered with a type of vinyl wallpaper and it already has a R factor rating so if we want to reduce our heat bills, we have to Tyvek the entire trailer!!!
Isn't life so fun!!! Humph!

Good things too.
Wrote my first pattern. A little basket for my daughter to collect Easter eggs in. Once I try it out to make sure it's clear and correct, I may consider posting it although, I have been rolling a few other patterns around in my head and I may save them up and put them in a book!! Crazy! Maybe someday I'll be an (gasp) authour/designer! Wouldn't that be cool?!


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