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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another helper. This one is Jezzy, short for Jezebel. My husband didn't know the Bible story he just liked the name, although the way she sleeps...
Now Sam, my buddy from the other day he wouldn't just sit there, he'd be trying to eat it. Like he did this morning, brat! He broke the yarn about three feet from the beginning! I hate wasting yarn, I think I'm a little obsessive that way.

I love how this is turning out. I was going to use it as socks for my daughter, but, it's 100% Acrylic (I liked it so much I forgot to look at the label before I bought it!) and since she and I were cursed with horribly sweaty hands and feet (yes, gross), we have to make sure that any materials we wear on our hands and feets are absorbent and soft. So, since these are not, and some friends of mine are going to shave their heads for Cops for Cancer during the Relay for Life, my lovely Moda-Dea Sassy Stripes is turning into kerchiefs! I may have to get more for me!


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