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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I can KNIT!!

I think (dare I say it...) things are finally starting to gel for me! Today, I finished off the basket part of my first designed project. I am now working on the I-cord handles and I am feeling it. The yarn is beginning to glide through my fingers and the projects are actually taking shape right before my eyes! For the first time I feel like saying I AM A KNITTER! I didn't have to frog any part of this basket yet! I didn't have to put it down six times before making myself finish it. It hasn't take over three hours to finish one sixty row, three stitch I-cord. So far I haven't found any mistakes in the pattern. I have one more basket to do before I can say one ball will actually make two whole baskets that are exactly the same. I don't think this one is going to take as long as the first two I did. Knock on wooden knitting needles!

I finally feel like the worst part of the learning process is over. I hope. I know my stitches. I hope. Now it is just a matter of learning to read a complicated pattern and taking those first steps beyond increase/decrease and into colour changes, stranding, lace, felting more than a one colour swatch, all that fun stuff that can take a knitter into realms of frustration and glee not yet known or experienced.

Victory number one in the process, many more to come!! Ah, Nirvana! I think I will just bask for a little while. After all there is one more I-cord to do.


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