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Friday, April 14, 2006

Warming Grace.

There's a wonderful project going on right now, check out posts of April 5th and 11th for all the details and the story.

Basically, there is little girl (there's a beautiful picture of her) who has cancer and the owner of the blog is requesting donations of knit squares 5" x 5" in pink of any shade. Only soft natural fibres (soft wools or cottons) please as the child has developed sensitivities because of the chemo. Cynthia (the blogger) is using the squares sent to her to make one blanket for Grace to keep her warm on her way to Chemo and at home afterward. She will use any remaining squares to make blankets for other girls who are also going through similar ordeals.

Please, go through your stash and do what you can to help. Every child should believe that people are basically good and generous and what better way to tell a child she matters than to take a little time to help care for them even if by proxy.

God Bless!


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