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Friday, April 07, 2006

Is seal hunt a valid protest?

I know the seal hunt protest in Newfoundland and Labrador has been going on for quite some time now, but, I've been wondering, how come big name celebrities don't protest the slaughter of lambs, calfs or the boiling alive of shellfish and the suffocation of all fish? Now don't get me wrong, I eat meat. I like it and don't intend to stop. I'm just thinking if no big names are jumping on those soapboxes, is the current protest valid? How can you defend one "baby" (whitecoats are illegal to hunt) and not all the others? How can you say you are against the inhumane treatment of one creature but not protest shellfish being boiled alive and fish suffocating to death. We break the necks of any fish we catch so they don't suffocate, but, that is an impossiblity for a commercial fisherperson.
My conclusion is that Newfoundland and Labrador's seal hunt is relatively small in the grand scheme of the meat industry and so it is (rightly) assumed they don't have the money and resources certain other groups do. These other groups assume that they'll win due to sheer volume of money thrown out in protests and publicity. So sad that they demand things done their way, but, at the same time insist on freedom to choose their lifestyles and opinions at the expense of other people's freedoms and opinions!
If these militant groups have their way, they will in effect be dictators of our lives. No thanks! I like being able to choose my own dinner, thank you very much!!!


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