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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New projects to cast on!

My new projects. A hat for spring for my daughter, I'll have to make the pattern a little larger and some socks for her once I find a good toe-up pattern that has short row heels. I really suck at picking up stitches!! The yarns are, Paton's Astra for the hat and Moda-Dea Sassy Stripes for the socks. The grey yarn is Briggs and Little Atlantic and will be used with red of the same company and brand for a purse for my mother. Which needs to be done by the 11th. I think I might be a little wonky for thinking I can do this with so little time!! The office chair is my swift. Just give it a little spin with a foot and off I go! Anyone else always manage to start the wrong end first and be too stubborn to give up and switch ends before they're halfway through?

My helper. He eats it too, the little bugger. He's already costed us more for x-rays than it did to buy him from the shelter!! I'm terrified he'll get it wrapped around his intestines. Why is it so many knitters and crocheters love cats who love yarn?

I can't wait to get the name of my secret pal from SP8! I love things like this!


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