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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How can this still be happening?!

I'm watching Oprah right now and I can't believe what I am seeing and hearing!! Children in Uganda kidnapped, used as sex slaves and trained as soldiers in the rebel armies. Children as young as two forced to walk for miles in the dark so they can be locked up in cages and cells just so they can be safe from the rebel kidnappers. That's right, LOCKED UP, EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Children. 2 - 13 years old. In jail. Guarded by soldiers. Every night.
Please go to [] to see what you can do to help. Don't delay. Just look at the next 2 year old that you see, imagine that child forced to walk for miles in the dark, getting locked in a cage with hundreds of other children for the entire night so he/she will not be kidnapped. Some don't make it. Imagine being a parent in Uganda. Never reading your child a bedtime story. No good night kisses or bathtime rituals. No standing in their darkened room just watching them sleep. Never knowing until late morning if your child is still alive and has not been kidnapped. Imagine your child/niece/nephew as a sex slave or a soldier. Now, go do something. As the [Yarn Harlot] has said, "If you can afford yarn, you can afford to help." I would like to add this, if you have time to knit, you have time to help. Even if it's just passing on the message.


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