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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I hurt.

This 3' x 16' patch of dirt made every muscle in my arms scream "Mutiny!" It's my pumpkin/rhubarb patch in it's rough form. I still want to make a mock fence out of 1" x 2" and add some edgings to keep the grass from taking over again. Those pieces of sod were a good foot thick!! I added 3 bags of black earth and probably could have more. All my pumpkin plants are out and when I make over to my parent's, I'll get my rhubarb for the far corner. Now I just have to cut a 2' x 25' plot for my sunflowers and another 3' diameter circle for my lilac stick that I managed to get to root over the winter. I'm going to really be hurting by the end of the week!

All that planting meant very little progress. Ah, well, my Mother won't have to buy a pumpkin for Halloween this year and she'll eventually get a purse.

I feel pretty... so pretty (badly sung Broadway tune)!

I'll wear this to the ball, I'll look fabulous! Chunky necklaces are still in aren't they?

This is how my landlord fills in holes in the yard. Apollo swore it wasn't his fault, he says it was already there. Hmmm...


  • Oh gosh, I can imagine so well how sore your muscles are - I suppose everyone who's ever worked in a garden can relate to that! And you do have quite some more work coming up - but just think about the results you'll have in the end, and everything will go a lot easier!
    I love the pics of your pets, they're such cuties - and that innocent look on Apollo's face sure rocks! :)

    By Anonymous Dipsy D., at 11:21 PM, May 17, 2006  

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