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Friday, May 05, 2006


I think every knitter must have a page entitled UFO's and I am no different. I used to think I was the kind of knitter who would start a project and finish it before casting on another. I think I've developed knitting ADHD. I don't think there's a treatment or cure for it either. Below are the UFO's around my house.

First and oldest is the backpack for my niece (large purple and green bag). I still have to finish the straps for it and sew it all together. It was supposed to be for her birthday. In February. Then for Easter. Now for Christmas. I think I can commit to that... For her birthday she got a little wallet that was supposed to be inside and some other non-knit stuff.
Then I made a few little baskets for the kids for Easter (small multicoloured bag with the drinking glass in it). I did get those done and filled and gifted, but, I wrote the pattern and wanted to check to make sure I really could get two baskets out of one ball of yarn. One done. A month ago.
Then the choke collar for my dog. (white thing with ring in it). I got started on this when I realized his chain one doesn't fit him and I found the idea on the April issue of MagKnits. It got put down when I remembered it was my Mom's birthday May 11th.
I cast this (red rectangle) on to make a purse for my mother. Pray for me! It has to be done in a week!!
This (pink multi-colour triangle) got cast on when I found out that my stylist/friend is going to shave her head for Cops for Cancer. My appointment is on the 11th!! It has to be bigger than an ordinary kerchief to help keep the sun off. I have one more to do for another friend, but, fortunately I have until June to finish that one.

Why is it that we always seem to think we're fast at what we do? Where did I think the time to do all this was going to come from??!!

I have to go.
Have a good one!


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