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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Sky, snow, yarn and uh, organization?

Gray skies are clearing, put on a happy face... There is sun in the future, maybe even today. This weather site says chance of flurries today with sun tomorrow and sunny spots for the next few days. This one on the other hand, says clearing today and partly sunny the rest of the week. So the good thing is that the sun will come out. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but it will reappear sometime soon. Thank you, God!

Yesterday we got a light dusting of snow, but from the predicted temperatures for the week, it probably won't stay.

I dyed some more yarn. Mostly colourway repeats. I'll show you the new stuff tomorrow since I need to get it reskeined up and ready to go to the yarn store this morning.

There was some knitting on squares, but I wasn't happy with the two versions and ripped them both. So no progress to show. I'll be trying again tonight and there might be knitting content by Monday.

The organization stalled here. The children were so helpful that I didn't get much else done. I may try again today and tomorrow since I just have my child today. We'll see though. She's a really good helper too.

Last week I had another doctor's appointment because I have been feeling like there is just something not right. My doctor keeps leaning toward depression and although that is highly probable, I have actually been feeling more emotionally secure and centred since I had a few decisions in my life. One of them being to start blogging. It seems that giving myself public goals and writing about my accomplishments no matter how small helps me to feel like I am getting somewhere and that I have somewhere to go too. Plus you guys and all your nice comments rock. She was concentrating on the mood swings. I wasn't even counting them since they always seemed to happen if I hadn't eaten in a few hours and they went away as soon as I had. It's been making me crazy, I mean really, who feels starved and shakey two hours after eating a nice big dinner? Thing is, I kept testing negative for diabetes. After talking to a friend who is diabetic, he said that it sounded like the symptoms of insulin shock. Ay (pronounced like a hard a)?! So I began Googling low blood sugar and found this quiz. Go on, take it. You may need to talk to your doctor too.

Good thing, no meds. I have to make sure I am eating the right combination of food and eating often. Imagine the fun of a high carb diet! It's weird though, this change of thinking. I've always finished my meat (it's the most expensive part of your dinner) and veggies first and if I get full, leave the rice, pasta or potatoes behind (they're pretty cheap). Now I'm supposed to eat the rice/potatoes/pasta and veggies first and leave the meat behind if I get full. I can't just grab a handful of peanuts for a snack unless I'm going to eat some fruit/veggies/grains too. I've been tweaking my diet all week and for the first time in a really long time, I had energy all day yesterday. I would have sooner, but I caught a wicked cold and was busy trying to fight that off all week.

Now I know that my doctor meant well. I still really like her (she's a knitter too), I just wish that she could have gotten her head around the fact that sometimes mood swings are not depression, they really can be a symptom of a physical disorder. I know she cares, she was trying to help and Hypoglycemia is hard to diagnose, so I will continue to see her as my main doctor and hope that by my insisting on my problem not being emotional or mental that it will make her think that perhaps other women who come in feeling not right may not be depressed either. Not that it isn't possible or that post-partum depression is a bad thing, just that doctor's should make absolutely sure that people are getting the right kind of treatment and that all physical disorders are absolutely ruled out first.


  • I dont think I would want to know that my dr is a fellow knitter. I think I would be too forgiving of her ya know?

    By Blogger Polly, at 1:10 PM, November 18, 2006  

  • Sunshine? What's that? We haven't seen it in New York for two weeks. And that's the truth. We've had nothing but rainy, dreary days. I'd give anything for some sun.

    Glad you've solved your health problem. Good luck with changing your diet.

    By Blogger Diana, at 5:26 PM, November 18, 2006  

  • i used to keep salt out of my diet. ... until i found out that i have low blood pressure naturally. keeping my salt intake low AND exercising made my vaso-vagal syncope worse.

    SWEET! bring on the salt! i use "french grey" salt or "celtic sea salt" as a healthier alternative, but salt is salt. whee!

    i think food is more important than people think. we're so focused on cutting out things as a cure-all for everyone. we forget that some of us are the opposite. i'm glad you can enjoy CHO-rich foods. there's nothing wrong with rice. you're active enough, you need your energy. people who aren't active need to cut down on CHO intake. so... enjoy your rice

    (and i'm still not done with my kitchen. i've emptied out more stuff... i am hoping you're not done the next time you post, or i'll cry!)

    By Blogger iliketoast, at 7:50 PM, November 18, 2006  

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