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Saturday, November 11, 2006

God Bless them all.

God bless them all.
The ones who died then,
The ones who came home,
Alive with their nightmare,
The innocent and scared.
Sights terrible to behold,
In the dull gaze of a child.
Family's mournful cries
For loved ones gone forever.
Prime Minister, President,
Dictator, King or Queen,
They say the words, but
it's the ordinary who die.
The ordinary who live with
horror and the pain.
God save them all
As we fight again, cry again,
die again and live again.

Dorothy Broderick

In honour of Lt. Georg Hjalmer Oltmann - No. 1 Refresher Squadron, R.C.A.F. based out of Rockcliffe, Ottawa, Ontario in 1943. God rest his soul.


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