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Monday, January 01, 2007

A nice end to the first day.

I whipped up a little bag for Girly to hold some games pieces she got in one of her Christmas toys. While the Dora games box was well worth the money, it didn't come with little compartments to keep all the pieces separate and neatly stored inside the box. Knitter Mommy to the rescue!

This is for all the tiny little Bingo chips. It rated a hands in.

New Year's Day ended as it begun, with a little colour...

... icy pictures of a tree outside my parents front door before dinner ...

... and some loved ones. This is a friend of the family. We always called her Auntie even though there was no relation. We spent many a Sunday dinner at her apartment. I want to look this good at 73. I want to feel that good too. She can work circles around me now, I'd better get on the move.

On this day at 11:40am three years ago, we were hearing "It's a girl!" We haven't been the same since and I couldn't be happier or prouder to be her Mommy.

Happy Birthday Sweet Beautiful!

I will be working on my Red Scarf contribution and the bag for my Knit Mitt Kit Swap so I won't have a whole lot of knitting to show. Therefore, until I am done, I am going to cop out with a stitch shot or two and lots of ice and snow pictures. You won't mind though, will you?


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