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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The cold the children have been running around with all week has finally caught up to me. I have five children today one six year old, one four year old, two three year olds and one two year old. Fun. I should mention perhaps that the four year old is more like a three year old and one of the three year olds is more like the two year old. Sigh. It's going to be a long and I suspect cranky one. The two year old is just coming down with it now and she is cranky already. I'm fast getting the crankies too. If you hear of a woman who won't come out from under her trailer, no worries, it just means I couldn't take the whining anymore.

Anyway... the Katie Bolero knits up really nicely and is surprisingly softer knit up. It's splitty as all get out though. In fact splitty doesn't quite cover how fast this stuff separates it's plies. Good thing I really like how it looks. I'll just have to go slow and enjoy the process. It's coming along well already and I'm nearly finished with this part of it.


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