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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Getting there.

The cable part is done. It looks okay, but either my chart reading is not accurate or these charts are not clear enough. The top part is much wider than the bottom part. Girly says it pretty and she will be the only one to have a blue top with a flower on it so it stays as is and I borrow this book again sometime to give me more time to study the chart. It's curling like mad thus the oranges.

It's cooling off again after our little warm spell. We were thrown completely off by having temps like -1*C in January when we are more accustomed to -40*C. Good, but weird.


  • I think the cables look great. You can block out any irregularities, right? That's the answer to everything, right? Right? It's the mantra I live by, anyway. :)

    We've had a warm spell here as well, which has been pretty nice except for the tornadoes and destruction. Luckily none touched down in Milwaukee proper, but some people just to the south of us were not so lucky...

    Great evergreen photo!

    By Blogger Sus, at 9:29 AM, January 09, 2008  

  • can't help you with the cables. have never done anything like it. i can tell you that the oranges will make the scarf sag. they will also rot and attract fruit flies. it's really not good to use fruit for bling.

    By Anonymous IHateToast, at 7:14 PM, January 09, 2008  

  • For the life of me I could not figure out what that picture was for several seconds. I thought the oranges were wooden knobs (maybe stitch holders?).

    It looks very nice. What pattern?

    By Blogger jessie, at 6:33 AM, January 10, 2008  

  • Uh ... for a minute I thought there was something wrong with your camera when I saw the orange circles. But I do like the blueness of the sweater, LOL.

    By Blogger Rhonda the Stitchingnut, at 2:48 PM, January 11, 2008  

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