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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Realism vs Delusion

As one of the hosts of my favourite t.v. show is fond of saying; "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

Although I have made little to no progress on this scarf, I am positive it will be finished and blocked by Easter Saturday. Positive. If I have to make it knit itself!

I am positive that going to the senior's centre for soup and sandwiches and walking out with knitting needles and a pair of slippers for Girly is not a sign of an obsession. It is smart buying since these are not only vintage needles, but they were very well priced and in sizes I don't already own. Plus the slippers are cute.

I am positive that these will get to their destination even though a parcel I sent to the UK ended up coming back to me after nearly two months of wandering aimlessly around the seas.

I am sure that the vague smell of skunk outside means that spring is arriving slowly. The wind, snow and cold just haven't heard the news yet.

See, my reality is so much nicer.


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