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Monday, May 19, 2008

Ah... Monday, lazy Monday.

Thank God for long weekends and funny kids. It's Victoria Day weekend here and we are hanging out and relaxing today. It's been just what I needed. I've been feeling pretty burnt out lately. I'll tell you why another time. I'm not ready to put it in writing as yet. It isn't a completely bad thing, just not what I was expecting to happen this soon.

I don't have much I can show you right now since nearly everything I am working on is a secret. But there is a knit thing in here, even if it was done a while ago and I still can't remember what I did other than cast on a bunch of stitches (smallest needle size), seed stitch for a few rows (change to biggest needles) then YO, K2tog around. I think the second row was K2tog, YO and I think I did those two rounds changing needle sizes willy-nilly (biggest at the top, smallest at the bottom) until I nearly ran out of yarn then decreased at the bottom. It looks like a round of k2tog then a plain round another k2tog and another plain round then break yarn (leave a long tail of course) and run the tail through the live stitches. Draw into a circle and weave the end in so that it makes a star shape across the circle, or just do another round of k2tog and draw the end up tighter. Make a couple of I-cord handles and sew them on. Voila. A beach type bag A hat.

It takes one ball of Lily Sugar n' Cream and a bunch of DPN's/Circs in different sizes. Easy-Peasy as the child has taken to saying. I think she may have a bit of a crush on Jamie Oliver. Smart kid, who wouldn't love a man that can cook like that!

Not a bad beret, no? It helps to have a cute model who loves to pose for the camera too. ;)


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