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Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's been one of those weeks.

In a good way that is. I got some yarn in the post. Fleece Artist Dreadlocks (discontinued) from Threads in Time. Beautiful stuff and I see a very skinny, exaggerated lace, warm scarf in my future. Although it may end up in a parcel off to somewhere sometime soon. Soonish. Before the end of this year. It makes for a very big ball of yarn! How big?

This big.
Then there is supersized snack. Someone wanted to have a few grapes. She gets her own snacks from the fridge now. I was in the potty when she asked. Funny kid.

The snow though. That is making me both happy and antsy. It's going away and fairly quickly. Relatively speaking for our area. It's that time of year though. The fruits and veggies aren't that great, the weather is warmish but the ground is soaked and what snow there is, is mostly slushy and wet crystals. This means even the outdoor enthusiasts can't do a whole heck of a lot outside. There's grass showing through though! Hope is still holding strong.
If you have a kid, entertainment can be found nearly anywhere. Even indoors at 7:00am in pyjamas and without coffee.

Girly [holding Barbie's top so she can see her chest]: "Momma! Eeeeuw! Barbie has poops on her!"

Momma [snickering like a ten year old boy]: "Those aren't poops. Those are her breasts. All women have them. You'll get some when you get older too."

Girly [patting Momma's upper chest]: "Where's yours Momma?"

Momma [near to tears laughing]: "Oh, they're hanging around here somewhere."


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