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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

When last I wrote, I was off to the Relay for Life. It was amazing! Wet, but crowded and fun. It evoked many of the same feelings as last year along with a little more awe of how many people would ignore a pounding rain and high winds for the chance to try and change how cancer is viewed by those who are affected by the disease. Morning saw the sun break through the clouds and bring hope of a nice day along with hope of a cure. Sometimes in the moment, it's the small things we remember most. Thanks go out to all of you who pledged me! I really appreciate them and the hope they help to bring.

So far, it's been a pretty wet month. We continue to believe that there will be sunny weeks coming though. Or at least a sunny weekend at the same time the Mr. is off work so we can go camping with Girly.

Girly is enjoying her summer thus far though. She is growing so fast and learning so many new things. She's got a pretty darn good swing on her too. Things here are pretty busy with all the working, knitting (next time, I promise) and activities.

The best though are the spontaneous activites. The Canada Day kids activities on the beach here in town were rained out and as there wasn't an alternative place to hold them, we decided to drive to the next town since we had heard that they had moved theirs indoors. It either hadn't rained much there, or had cleared up a while before we got there since the park was busy. Girly got her face painted and a flag, which was what she had really wanted out of the day.

So, Happy Canada Day! I hope your day was as fun as ours.


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