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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A new trick for me.

Socks! I've been working here and there on different types of socks with this Briggs and Little Durasport that I had dyed a long time ago. It's been about four different patterns until I found this one. It's Wendy's Sport weight Toe-up Socks with Gusset Heel (link in this post). I added a cable to them since I thought they were turning out a bit loose for my liking.

I am very happy with these socks! I wore them to the Relay for Life in June and they kept my feet warm even in the midst of the rain and puddles. You can't ask for more than that.
The pattern is easy even for a beginner especially since there is no picking up of stitches on the heel or kitchener stitching. Just a slip stitch short row heel cup. This kind of short row involves no wrapping and no holes!

The pattern is so easy that I cast on for another pair right away. Girly put in an order and picked out the yarn. I'm taking my time finishing them though since they are a touch big for her. Apparently I still have a way to go on the pattern sizing mods.

Another view of the heel. Short rows with no holes!

Another of Wendy's patterns. I joined the Summer of Socks and got the pattern as a freebie. So far, so good. It's slow going though since I have so many other things I'm working on as well as socks.

Just to round out the fun. I discovered this along with all the yarns for it's mate at the Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. No second sock syndrome possible when you have an unknown knitter making the first one for you. I scored some pretty good yarns that day. I'll show you them another time.


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