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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I was so proud...

First the knitting, not much to report there. The other kerchief makes slow progress.

The source of my misplaced pride. I thought I had figured out links finally. I even patted myself on the back. Nearly threw it out giving it a pat (not as young as I used to be). Turns out it didn't work. Apparently I'm not as clever as I thought I was. So here is the picture of Kelly getting ready to do a weave.

My landlord showed up. Kind of. He pulled halfway up the drive, jumped out, took the cap off the well, poured in a bit of bleach (not enough), jumped back in his truck and peeled backward out of the drive. Didn't even have enough kahonies to come up and tell me he had done it. Spineless freak.


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