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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This used to be...

this. Frickin' frost. It snuck up on me and my poor pumpkins didn't make it. The Rhubarb seems to be okay so far.

That big pile of sand has become this. Of course our dog f***er of a landlord didn't smooth it out, we did. More on that bas**** in a minute.

I think the dog might be a little spoiled too.

Today we got back a water sample test we sent out two weeks ago. We decided to test it because my hands had been getting really red and sore after doing dishes, water left in a rice pot to soak overnight (I'm not the best housekeeper) got thick and dishcloths smelled like mildew all the time. It came back red flagged. Significant evidence of bacterial contamination. May be unsafe to drink. Contains >80 parts Coliform per 100mL. We phoned our landlord and let him know about the results. He said and I quote him directly here;

"Well I can't come down there today, I'm just packing up to go out of town until Monday. Don't worry about it, everyone has some bacteria in their water. It's not a big deal. I'll prove it, I'll come down there and drink some for you. Just pour some bleach down the well and run all of your taps until you smell bleach out of each one and then leave it overnight and run your water again in the morning."

PARDON ME??!!!! What the f*** did you just say?! Did you just say that you don't care about a water test conducted by medical scientists in a medical lab because your pea-brain holds more knowledge than theirs??!!! Did you just tell me that YOUR well on YOUR property that we pay OUR money to rent has just been failed as a safe source of life-sustaining water and you think it's OUR problem??!!

You, you blood sucking pathetic little dogger have got another think coming. I don't have to work really hard to phone the Ontario Tribunal of Landlords and Tenants. I don't have to take a lot of my time to phone the bank and put a stop payment on a cheque. I already got the local Health Inspector to leave a message on his machine since he just picked up and took off after finally telling us that he would come down and pour the bleach down the well for us. Oh, lucky us. Of course he wanted to know if we had any bleach first. I do. I told him he'd have to get some. Damned if I'm putting more of my money into his pockets by providing supplies for him to fix his well!!

Hope your day is going better than mine!


  • landlords... still act like the feudal lords. i'd document everything. write your complaints and keep a copy... nail that tonkwonker!

    By Blogger IHateToast, at 4:29 PM, May 24, 2006  

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