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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


New and sort of old projects.

On the left we have: Briggs and Little - Atlantic -
Blue Heather and Medium Grey for a messenger bag for my Dad for Father's Day. Two weeks away.

Back center: Paton's - Divine - Icicle White and York - Cotton Caressa - Unknown colour (kind of peachy-pink) to try out some Tit-Bits. I'm not sure who they're for yet. I'm just going to make a popular bra size and hope they fit someone who likes them.

Front Center: Alafoss Lopi - 100% wool - again with the numbers instead of colour names! They'll be a messenger-style hip purse for my sister. I'm thinking of doing a wide edging in the red/multi with the grey/white/black in the center with a red/multi strap. Her birthday is on the 5th. Again with the last minute knitting! What am I, nuts? Don't answer that!!

On the right: Three squares for Warming Grace and a facecloth for us. With one more square for Warming Grace if there's enough to finish it. If not, it'll be a washcloth for my daughter's bathtime.

Once I manage to get all this done and figure out my notes from the bag for my Mother, I'll do up my patterns and figure out how to post them as a category.


  • Gosh, that's sure a lot of work you have coming up to you - but then again, it's nice work that you'll enjoy to do, so it won't be all that bad :) Have fun knitting all these projects up!

    By Anonymous Dipsy D., at 1:58 AM, June 01, 2006  

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