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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm starting everything. Finishing nothing.

A felted DPN case in it's unfelted state. I hope this works like I am hoping it will. I don't want to have the sew a lining in it. I am pathetically inept at the sewing stuff. I have started felting it right now. We'll see soon. I probably won't sew it today.

Look what the Mr. found yesterday while cutting the grass. Yikes! Yellow Jackets. Fortunately, we are not allergic. Unfortunately this is less then 20 feet from the house and there are three tiny kids running around all week. They have a very nasty sting for an adult. I hate to see the reactions the kids would get. I am afraid to take them outside to play. Imagine, three bored toddlers cooped up inside all day in the summer. Sin, that.

On the other hand, there is laundry (again!!) everywhere. Dishes piled up by the sink. The broom leaning against the door jamb. Yet, here I sit, blogging and reading blogs. I think it may be time to get off my hinney and get some stuff done. Sigh. Too much outside, not enough chores.


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