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Monday, December 18, 2006

Here a knit, there a knit, everywhere a knit, knit...

Off the needles, ready for my niece.

On t.v. it seems knitting teaches clowns how to count (K1, P2), sit still and patience. When you get to the end of a row, you get to stand up and twirl two.

On the needles. Girly says these are Girly mints and this scarf makes me think of them. More Ovation and some Pure New Australian Wool sock yarn together.

Now for the tackiest Christmas tree ever. It is on the highway to Dryden and stands at the parking area that hunters regularly use. Thus the trail marker ribbons.

It wasn't like this last month, so I can only assume the hunters did it for Christmas.

Now, I saw this and immediately thought of rednecking it up by adding some brass shell casings, beer cans, grouse feathers and wait for it ... a set of antlers for the tree topper!

Me, so-fist-tee-kay-shun? Oh wait, let me prove the classy, I can change that tree up with a little crime scene tape, more shell casings, tear gas canisters and a tin star on top. Ho, Ho, Ho y'all come back now, yu heer.


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