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Friday, December 15, 2006

The knit goes on.

Another spa cloth done. Not very hard when you are doubling up a light worsted weight and only using 30 sts and 40 rows.

Another knit started. The fingerless gloves from Last Minute Knit Gifts. I'd like to know how fast that woman knits though. This is nearly an hour and a half of work and she has this in her two to four hour chapter. Mind my gauge is two stitches tighter (my sister is tiny) but she must be crazy fast to finish two of these in that amount of time.

This is what occupied most of my time though. Look at how neat all that stuff is! There is a desk and it is even more organized than before. The motivation was the decorating. I had no where to put anything because every surface in my house has stuff on it. So I had one of those "WTF happened to my house?!" moments and started cleaning. It helped to have a very big box and that I had been trying to be all decorative with the book shelves in the other room which meant that there was lots of room for knitting books and magazines once I took the pictures and dingly ball stuff off of it.

We also decorated the tree. Girly did really good job putting ornaments on the branches she could reach and I only had to tell her a couple of times to put them on different branches not all on the same one.

"Ready for the Calgary Stampede Mom, I tied that calf in less than a minute!

He never even put up much of a fuss."


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