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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Presents for me!

I got a fabulous parcel from my SP 9 pal. Thank you so much SP! There is some great stuff in here.
Starting with a ball of Debbie Bliss cotton angora (very nice yarn) in Navy and what I am assuming is some of the same in white along with a very pale pink Fortissima Cotton sock yarn. The label had the German 1 paar socken on it. I think that means I should get one pair of ladies socks from it although once I get going on socks, I think that they will turn into some knee socks for Girly.

A beautiful DPN case and some Crystal Palace DPN's. I immediately dug my poor, loose, rolling around DPN's out of the plastic bin they were in and put them in. There is even plenty of room for my crochet hooks. The Crystal Palace bamboos are gorgeous! So smooth. Love them.

The backside of my new DPN Holder. So cute.

The Eyre Affair. I've skimmed it a little and it looks like an enjoyable read and as soon as I manage to finish "The Secret Life of Bees" I will dive right in. So sad, I used to read a book a day (mostly fiction) and now I'm lucky if I get a chapter a week before falling asleep. Makes for a very different feel to a book. My pal also made me some cute Knitting Swap Partner Labels and sent me the pattern for Fetching. Very handy and pretty. The Debbie Bliss should be perfect for it. The pattern says it uses an entire ball with maybe a yard left over so I may use the white for striping or a detail at the beginning and end. I like a long glove/mitt so I'll probably add some length in which case, the white will come in very handy.

Chocolate, so good. I've already gotten at the Hershey's Cacao Reserve Squares. Very nice. If you are wondering how to eat chocolate this dark, try it with a sweet hot tea, flavoured coffees, or a nice dessert wine. You would take a little bite right after you take a sip of your drink of choice. I like it in little bites as is and it isn't sweet so I can have quite a bit without worrying about insulin shakes an hour later.

All right on time for my Birthday today! Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you very much for the hilarious Birthday Card, Nicole so funny!



    By Blogger Hoban Family, at 9:06 AM, December 06, 2006  

  • Happy Birthday!

    I'm sorry I didn't make it more clear, but the white is indeed the same Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora that I had left from another project. You seem to be the type of person who likes to tweak patterns a bit to suit your whims, so I thought the extra color would provide some flexibility.

    Crystal Palace are my favorite DPNs so I hope you will enjoy them too.


    By Anonymous Secret Pal, at 10:35 AM, December 06, 2006  

  • Happy Birthday, indeed! I posted in your honor on my blog today.

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 11:07 AM, December 06, 2006  

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY...have a great one :)

    By Blogger Barb, at 11:56 AM, December 06, 2006  

  • HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And what a wonderful surprise from your secret pal. That was a great package - and so thoughtful.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

    By Blogger Kristy, at 12:31 PM, December 06, 2006  

  • Happy Birthday! I hope it's a wonderful day for you!

    That's a really great parcel - I love all Jasper Fforde's books, they're really fun. The DPN case is great - a lot better than the bunch I have held together with an elastic band here at my house! :0)

    By Blogger Charity, at 12:49 PM, December 06, 2006  

  • You're welcome and happy bday again to you! I love the stuff you got from you SP.

    By Blogger Polly, at 2:57 PM, December 06, 2006  

  • Happy Birthday!!

    By Blogger FemiKnitMafia, at 4:01 PM, December 06, 2006  

  • Happy Birthday!

    And I too love all the Jasper Fforde stuff - even if I do end up saying _everyone's_ name aloud in a slightly puzzled way, just in case there's something clever about it that I've not spotted...

    By Anonymous Anne, at 4:02 PM, December 06, 2006  

  • Happy Birthday! The Eyre Affair is a great read as is a lot of Jasper Fforde's work (haven't read it all yet). Enjoy! And such pretty yarn and needle case. You must have been extra good this year :) Enjoy your day and your treats and your chocolate. Happy Birthday!

    By Blogger jen, at 8:15 PM, December 06, 2006  

  • Happy Birthday - Chocolate and Yarn who could ask for anything more :)

    By Blogger Cathy, at 10:46 PM, December 06, 2006  

  • Oh! Happy birthday, Dorothy!! I hope it was great!!

    Fun gifties, and I hear you on the books. I use to read soooo much, and now I am tired! I am trying to get back into it, however...

    By Blogger Lolly, at 7:03 AM, December 07, 2006  

  • Happy Birthday!

    By Blogger Rhonda, at 8:16 AM, December 07, 2006  

  • You might be interested to read the addendum to the post I put up yesterday.

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 8:18 AM, December 07, 2006  

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