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Monday, December 04, 2006

Part II of the weekend.

I couldn't upload these pictures onto the previous post so I had to write two parts.

Here is my haul from both of the craft fairs.
From the left, a cookbook of recipes that one of the local ladies compiled from her favourites, her mother's favourites and her Grandmother's favourites. Many of these have been handed down through the generations and date back quite a way. A plate of very pretty Anise Cookies and a little pot of Lemon Lime lip gloss. It smells amazing. Some all-natural Lavendar soap made by a lady and her daughter here in town. (On the top) Some beaded wire Christmas tree ornaments and a little bell for Girly. There was one for my niece too, but she has it so it isn't pictured. Just below the bell are a pair of earrings with a rounded closure that I am hoping will work for the Jabot Scarves since I couldn't find any shawl pins.

Now the Ten Thousand Villages stuff. The bells were from a booth at the Free Trade Fair too. Four beaded bracelets, some Shea Butter soaps and two Christmas tree ornaments. There was a lot more there, but I ran out of spending money and had to be content to look. They were serving coffee from small farmers in Columbia and it was so good. They had chocolate too, but they ran out of samples by the time I got there. Sucks to be me. Definitely check out the website. There are some beautiful and inexpensive gifts there. Most of what I got are gifts, but there is a big beautiful, covered basket on the website I am going to be saving up for so I can have a pretty way to store yarn. Website links are in the next post at the very top if you are running out of time.

The concerts yesterday were excellent. Thank you for all the good-wishes. I only messed up a few times and people told me they never noticed so I guess I managed to figure out the whole volume control thing after all. The afternoon concert wasn't as good as the night one. We really came together and nailed the songs last night. The afternoon was good, but not in the same way. We'll be getting a CD on the 16th and this year we all get to sign one and send good wishes to some of the men and women trying to keep the very volatile peace in Afganistan.

This is the corsage we were given as participants. Bloomin' Wild Flowers donated them and they are so pretty. It was a little more corsage like until I peeled off most of the tape and cut it so I could put it in water and try to keep it for a while. So pretty. Our pictures on the DVD recorder and we haven't figured out how to get them onto the computer. As soon as we do, I will post them here and try to get a quick clip up on You Tube.

Some of the knitting I worked on over the weekend. I didn't get much done, but I was lovin what I did work on.

Another Jabot Scarf. I'm trying to clean up and tweak the pattern so I can get it up for you.

Another scarf. I love how this is coming together. This is Naturally Tussock in a deep jewel like purple, Sisu sock yarn in white and two balls of the Kertzer Ovation. Together they are creating an amazing scarf that is warm, soft and rich in colour.


  • Sounds like a fun weekend ... coming home with goodies too. Sometimes we need a break away from the knitting. (did I just say that?)

    By Blogger Rhonda, at 12:02 PM, December 04, 2006  

  • Hmmm . . . with the holidays approaching, there are probably many chocolate opportunities in the future.

    Nice haul!


    By Blogger Wendy, at 1:33 PM, December 04, 2006  

  • Love all your finds! SO happy for you that the concerts went well! I wish I could have heard it myself. :0)

    By Blogger Charity, at 3:13 PM, December 04, 2006  

  • Great finds!! I am very glad that your concert went well!!
    I just had to watch that video and it is too funny! Thanks for sharing!!

    By Blogger Mandy, at 12:24 AM, December 05, 2006  

  • Sounds like a great weekend. Wonderful finds and I'm SO glad that your concert went well. I'm sure you were brilliant. LOVE your new scarf. So pretty.

    By Blogger jen, at 8:18 PM, December 06, 2006  

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