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Friday, November 24, 2006

10 Cool things.

This is a hat, or it will be soon. I love it and it is a quick knit, but since this is all I am working on until it is done, I thought I would distract you with other stuff.

10 Cool Things

Inspired by one of my favourite magazines Popular Science.

1. Cervical Cancer Vaccine This is could save thousands of women's lives and that makes it the best new thing in my book.

2. Hurriquake Nail Big deal you say, what's so special about a new nail? Well, there has been nothing new about nails since we went from using wooden ones to metal ones thousands of years ago. So innovations at that level are always cool in my book.

3. Grand Canyon Skywalk Something I may one day be able to see myself.

4. Gregory Backpacks For the active people among us who like backpacking. My aunt for one.

5. Liquid Breaker This could have saved us some money and contractor headaches.

6. Earth Race Maybe someday all pleasure craft and cars will be fueled by renewable biodiesel.

7. Home Windmill I want one of these. Maybe someday I'll have the $10,000 (US) + Shipping and Handling to have one. Of course, I have to find out if they tested it at -40 first.

8. Mini Drill A great gift for the Mr. or the handyperson in your life. I wouldn't mind having it myself.

9. Museum of Museums A great place to look around. Watch out though, there are so many cool links that you can lose a few hours looking at all the stuff in them.

10. Space Pictures I will never get to space, but I love to look at it. Everything you ever wanted to see in space all neatly categorized.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more than a hat to show you.


  • I've always wanted a windmill or at least a wind turbine. I've been driving a gas-electric car for 7 years now. I'm hoping for hydrogen fueled cars in the future.

    By Blogger Diana, at 3:32 PM, November 24, 2006  

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