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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Welcome to Chez Stall-a-lot.

Madame Procrastination decided to cast on a dishcloth while under fast arriving deadline for ...

... the scarf. Hello, morning what do you mean I have only a 1/2 hour until you have to get to mail?! This is the first and last time anything or anyone will be cozy in this scarf until it gets to Newfoundland and finds the neck of an in-law who likes it. Unless I get time to take a picture of it with fringe before it has to get mailed.

I must go fringe now. I still hold out delusions of being finished it all before Christmas, don't you know.


  • What a very pretty and snuggly scarf!

    We got our tree up last night, and the kids had fun decorating it. The lower branches up to about the 4-foot mark are very densely decorated, and then the top half has about 3 fragile ornaments on it.

    The cats did not pull it down overnight, so there's hope! :)

    By Anonymous Secret Pal, at 10:25 AM, December 13, 2006  

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