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Friday, January 05, 2007

Links and pics.

Because I have been too busy with napping party prep to knit much.


There has been quite a bit of melting going on and the trees are starting to stand straight and tall again. I'm still going to show icy pictures though because so many of you have no winter. Feel free to live vicariously.

The Three Sisters.

Low Tide Frozen in Time.

Stark Relief.

The Tropics in White.

The Cycle of Life.


Now in keeping with my intention to knit for charity a bit more this year, a contest on Kate's blog. She would like some fun fur hats for the 10-16 year old kids in Boston's Children's Hospital and she wants them done by February 28th. Now, I really need to get that Red Scarf done and in the mail. If you hear swearing in this direction, it's just me knitting "fun" fur hats.

The new Magknits is up and there are two patterns I really like. The sweater and the socks.

Idle gossip:

There is a little fight between Norma, Jenla and Rabbitch. Jenla and Rabbitch are trying to make Norma's head explode with bad grammar, misspelling, overused cutesy knitting terms and cliches. This appeals to my contrary side. In retaliation and just for fun Norma has decided to start up the Red Marker Project (all in fun and games) and is calling for buttons. This fight is promising to be funny. Just sayin.


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