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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Me - 2, Cats - 3.

I managed to keep waking the cats and keeping them on the move for the most part.

Occasionally I came across one sprawled quite elegantly in the sun and had give a belly rub (she hates that) or play "Roll the Kitty" (Sam tolerates that game). So I get two points. Since they were wound up for most of the night and I still got woke up three times to throw pillows or t-shirts at them, they get three points. Today, game still on! Dammit.

On the good side of things, look what I accidentally managed to do. I have no idea why my poinsettia is flowering and how I managed to get it to do that, but there they are, baby red leaves.

My Noro has decided that it wants to become a Santa Cruz hat. So far, I like knitting this pattern especially now that I can cable without a needle. So happy!

Initially I was very disappointed with how the Noro silk Garden feels in the ball. Although it is knitting up beautifully and I like how it stripes so far, I still don't think it is worth 12.99 for 100m of yarn.


  • The cats will always win; no matter how much you wake them during the day. They have power napping down to a science. heh

    Seriously, I hope your plan works for you. I'm so used to getting woke up in the night that I can roll right over and go back to sleep, while petting Katie. I'm so well trained!

    By Blogger buttercup, at 10:17 AM, February 27, 2007  

  • The cats are training you are they?

    I have some Noro and I still don't know what to knit up yet. It's not the silk tho ... still holding back from buying any of that. I thinking of something Entralac with the other or maybe a felted bag.

    Your hat's going to be nice!

    By Blogger Rhonda the Stitchingnut, at 10:27 AM, February 27, 2007  

  • Charity gave me your link . I must say Silk Garden can feel like stainless s but when you go out in it the silk catches the light. Sadly I can't say it softens either. I now much prefer Cherry Tree Hill's "Baby Alpine and other silk blends.

    By Anonymous angie Cox, at 2:08 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • good Noro pic - like the honest review! The cat looks like s/he is in pure kitty bliss!

    By Anonymous heather, at 7:03 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • I have to agree with Buttercup here: The cats will always win ;) I was pretty surprised that the little furry one doesn't like belly rubs - must be the first cat I've heard of who doesn't like them ;) Our Lady is addicted to belly rubs, she wouldn't mind getting them all day long!
    I really love your poinsettia, so very, very beautiful! And as for the Noro - I thought it's a great and very interesting yarn to work with - but the price is still way too high, absolutely!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 3:50 AM, February 28, 2007  

  • i like how you let your yarns decide.

    and i love playing roll the kitty! it's often followed by bandage the katy.

    By Anonymous IHateToast, at 9:35 PM, March 02, 2007  

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